Trade unions exist to improve the working lives of their members. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers face harassment and discrimination. It’s hard to deal with on your own. Joining UNISON gives you a voice in the UK’s largest public service union, committed to working for LGBT rights.

LGBT members organise locally and nationally to support each other, to identify and challenge discrimination, to increase awareness of LGBT rights and to campaign for change.

UNISON LGBT Organising

Branch activity: there is a growing network of branch-level LGBT groups that discuss local terms and conditions, support individual LGBT members with issues at work and debate issues affecting the LGBT community. The branch groups jointly feed into regional groups.

Regional activity: the 12 regional LGBT groups meet regularly. They represent LGBT members at a regional level, arrange training for activists campaign for LGBT equality and work with other self-organised groups and young members in UNISON. Each regional group elects two members who represent LGBT members at a national level.

National activity: there are two seats for each regional LGBT group on UNISON’s national LGBT committee, which works with the national executive council and service group executives. There are also seats for bisexual and transgender reps and for Black and disabled LGBT reps.

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If you are a LGBT member of UNISON and would like to join the confidential mailing list, contact Carola Towle, UNISON’s National LGBT Officer by email or in the South East call on 0800 0857857. ( UNISON South East region – LGBT )


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