womeninunisonUNISON has almost one million women members – more than two thirds of our union. Women still earn a lot less than men and face sex discrimination and harassment at work. Our members also juggle work and home commitments. Many have caring responsibilities and almost half work part-time. This is why UNISON takes a lead on negotiating and campaigning on women’s rights at work and in the community.

Women’s officer

Debbie Hollinsworth
Email: Debbie Hollinsworth

Role: to assist the branch to ensure that equality issues are being addressed within the branch and that the voice of under-represented groups is heard.

Oxford International Women’s Festival

The Oxford International Women’s Festival has been running successfully for more than 20 years and aims to highlight women’s local, national and international issues. We are also a supporter of women and organizations campaigning for equal rights and opportunities.

Oxford International Women’s Festival

You can find all the latest information about the festival on the Oxford International Women’s Festival facebook page.


Local Government Cuts

Cuts to local services hit young people, women and the vulnerable

Three-quarters of local government workers are women, which means job cuts are affecting them the most. Women also use public services the most so suffer most when they’re gone.

Download: Counting the cost: how council cuts shrink women’s lives (PDF)

When public services are axed it’s mainly women who “fill the gaps”.