UNISON, working with a range of partners, has produced advice that will enhance the work and profile of teaching assistants.  UNISON began work on the standards three years ago, working with the National Education Trust. Our work was picked up by the Department for Education (DfE) who set up a working party to develop the standards. Unfortunately the new government decided not to publish the final draft.  UNISON has been involved in the production of standards for other schools staff including school caterers and management professionals.

These new teaching assistant standards continue the professional work that UNISON does for our school support staff members.  You can find a copy of the standards here.

The new standards will bring teaching assistants into line with their teacher and headteacher colleagues, both of whom already have their own sets of standards. The standards help to clarify the roles of teaching assistants as well as training and development expectations.

The four themes The Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants are set out in four themes.

  • 1. Personal and professional conduct
  • 2. Knowledge and understanding
  • 3. Teaching and learning
  • 4. Working with others                 

UNISON Oxfordshire County would like to get feedback from TAs and those working in the sector in order to give wider feedback please contact Anya Greig with any comments or questions you have.