On 17 May 1649, three soldiers were executed on Oliver Cromwell’s orders in Burford churchyard, Oxfordshire. They belonged to a movement popularly known as the Levellers, with beliefs in civil rights and religious tolerance.

During the Civil War, the Levellers fought on Parliament’s side, they had at first seen Cromwell as a liberator, but now saw him as a dictator. They were prepared to fight against him for their ideals and he was determined to crush them. Over 300 of them were captured by Cromwell’s troops and locked up in Burford church. Three were led out into the churchyard to be shot as ringleaders.

Leveller’s Day 2016 was attended by members and their families of both Oxfordshire County Branch and UNISON nationally.https://youtu.be/5lsIbe1LX6scollage-1Banners present on the day including UNISON banner carried by UNISON Deputy General Secretary Roger MacKenzie.


(Un) Civil Liberties – Leveller’s Day 2016 – Megan Dobney (chair), John Rees (Stop The War) “Civil Rights in a Time of Conflict” and Adrian Arbib “Freedom of the Press”. The film begins with a part of Mark Chapman’s commemorative address and film of the march

Details of what is happening next year can be found on the Levellers Day 2017 website