Gender Pay Gap Reporting ACAS Guidance

There is now a much greater emphasis on employers proving that there is not a gender pay gap in their workplaces and the scope has been expanded to include the whole organisation.

Below are some questions ACAS have put together and UNISON will be looking at employers and their reports over the coming months. UNISON Oxfordshire County would like to hear from you as to how you feel your employer is addressing the new legislation and whether you have concerns about unequal pay. Get in touch with us via email/phone or leave a comment on this post.

ACAS Top 10 Myths on Gender Pay Gap Reporting

MYTH: We did an equal pay audit a while ago so we’re fine
FACT: Equal Pay deals with comparing one job with another – the gender pay gap is about the difference in gender pay across a whole organisation.

MYTH: I only have a few female employees, I won’t make a difference
FACT: Every employee matters. And, chances are you might be in a business where women are underrepresented and you’re losing out on a massive talent pool.

MYTH: There’s not much of a gender pay gap these days is there?
FACT: Over time, things have improved but there is more to do – for example the Office for National Statistics has revealed that male financial managers and directors still earn 32.4% more than women in the same occupation.

MYTH: It’s always women who receive less money than men
FACT: Whilst it’s often the case that on average women earn less money than men in many workplaces, sometimes it can be men – pay gap reporting can help here too.

MYTH: It’s going to cost lots of money to get rid of my gender pay gap
FACT: Many changes involve addressing attitudes and practices rather than your bank balance – and some will save you money whilst improving staff retention.

MYTH: Does this mean I can’t reward talented staff for hard work any more?
FACT: Things like qualifications, outstanding achievements and a certain amount of relevant experience may be proper business reasons to reward people – but an employee’s gender isn’t one of them.

MYTH: These figures are just going to embarrass me
FACT: You’re probably more worried than you need to be. The important thing is to develop an action plan informed by the facts and provide a narrative, then post it.

MYTH: I need to be a maths genius to understand this stuff
FACT: There’s a bit to learn up front, but it really is about gathering your information and carrying out basic calculations using standard computer software – you might even have payroll software (or an amazing stats-loving employee) to help.

MYTH: There’s no business advantage to this at all
FACT: Global consultancy McKinsey estimates that bridging the UK gender gap in work has the potential to create an extra £150 billion on top of 2025 business-as-usual GDP forecasts.

MYTH: This is a lot of extra work – we already have an equality action plan
FACT: If you have an equality plan or similar, that’s great – build gender pay actions into it, but just remember to have the calculations clearly published on your website.

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