There are major changes planned for Oxfordshire some or all you may be aware of.  Oxfordshire County Council in partnership with South Oxfordshire and Vale Of The White Horse have submitted their plans for a unitary authority in what is being called One Oxfordshire.  There have already been other proposals submitted prior to this by the local and district councils. Each is asserting that their plans will bring the best level of services and provisions for Oxfordshire with the money that is available for government spending.  UNISON will be examining the proposals in depth and we will be feeding back to you as things develop.

You can read OCC/South & Vale’s draft proposals here and there is an online feedback survey here (This is an external site and none of your details will be provided to any of the Local Authorities).  These sorts of summaries are often difficult to understand and interpret into what it will actually mean for you so it is crucial that if you have questions that you ask them until you get a response.  We can help you do that if you let us know what they are.

It is important to stress that these and other options are proposals at this stage and require consultation and approval from a number of parties including yourselves.  UNISON Oxfordshire County are not supporting or opposing any of the plans whilst they are in consultation phases but we need to make sure that they are shaped in a way that is best for our members and the people of Oxfordshire so that when they come back as fuller and more comprehensive plans they already contain as much of the work we are doing and best practice and examples from across the county.  For this we need your opinions, concerns and overall responses, this will allow us to represent them wherever and whenever we can.  The proposals will affect not just those working for the councils at every level but also every resident of Oxfordshire so it is vital that as diverse a set of opinions are canvassed as possible.

UNISON Oxfordshire County will continue to work with all authorities to ensure that members are represented and supported and that the core trade union values are upheld with whichever direction Oxfordshire governance takes.  For this we need your input, if you have questions we are happy to answer them where possible or to raise them on your behalf with who can best answer them.

This is YOUR county and YOUR councils so make sure YOUR voice is heard.