Do you get regular scheduled rest breaks?  Are you able to leave the premises or are you expected to be ‘on call’ at all times?  Are you aware of your rights under Working Time Regulations 1998 (UK Law that implements the EU Working Time Directive) for rest breaks and other entitlements?

The core rights that the Working Time Regulations provide are:

  • Paid annual leave of 28 days per year; 
  • A 48-hour limit on the average working week; 
  • A continuous 11 hours rest in every 24-hour period; 
  • A continuous 24 hours rest in every week; 
  • A 20 minute rest break in every work period over six hours; 
  • An eight-hour limit on average working hours in a 24-hour period for night workers; 
  • Free health assessments for night workers

Are you getting all of your entitlements here? There is strong evidence to suggest that these rights and obligations are not always being provided or fulfilled and we would like to find out more information as to whether or not this is the case in Oxfordshire, how widespread it may be and how we can support members both individually and collectively.

In the cases of those in positions where their job might be considered part of the continuity of care (ie in the health/care sector and certain aspects of home care) there is provision for what is called “Compensatory Rest” and if you don’t get your breaks on shift then you should be receiving this which mandates for.

“Compensatory rest is allowed when a worker has to work through a rest period. The employee is entitled to take the rest when possible, ideally on the same day. The regulations suggest that, as long as a worker receives at least 90 hours’ rest per week on average, then the rest obligations are being met.”  [ACAS Guidelines 2013]

Our survey can be accessed here, it is 10 short multiple choice questions and should not take any more than about 5 minutes.  It is anonymous and you will not be asked for specific details about yourself, only the type of workplace and the patterns of work.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the survey then please feel free to contact us at the branch office or you can leave a comment below on this post.

UNISON Oxfordshire Rest Break Survey For Members

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