£11.3bn the amount councils are losing through cuts to central government grants

Council funding is being cut by £11.3 billion

The “formula grant” is the main grant paid to councils by the government: under it, for every £1 received by councils in 2010/11, they got just 73.6p in 2013/14. This is before the effects of inflation are taken into account.

In total the government plans to slash grants to councils by £11.3bn by 2015/16.

More than 500,000 council workers have lost their jobs since 2010.

Over £82 million has been cut from budgets for children’s centres

UNISON research shows that since 2010, 285 children’s centres have closed or merged and over the last three years over £82m has ben cut from children’s centre budgets. Our research into the impact of cuts on women revealed that 60% of women who use children’s centres said there are now fewer types of support available, 69% said there were fewer staff and 59% said there were shorter operating hours.

Research from the Family and Childcare Trust shows that almost a fifth (17%) of parents had to call in sick last year in order to manage childcare during the six week summer holiday, at a cost of nearly one million working days across the UK. In England and Wales only 27% of local councils had enough holiday childcare for working parents, and 25% of parents were forced to cut their hours during school holidays.

Almost £260 million has been cut from youth services

According to UNISON research, since 2012 councils have shut at least 350 youth centres, 41,000 youth service places for young people have been cut, and at least 35,000 hours of outreach work by youth workers have been removed. Since 2010 £259 million has been cut from youth service spending by councils.

Investing in public services is vital for local jobs and local business

For every £1 spent, 64p is put back into the local economy. Fewer jobs and worse terms and conditions mean there’s less money in the local economy, which is bad for local businesses.

For every 100 council jobs cut, another 30 will be lost in the private sector, leading to a downward spiral in employment prospects for local people.

Unsociable Hours In The Public And Private Sectors

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