UNISON National Conference took place this year in Brighton 21st – 24th June.  Delegates from Oxfordshire County branch attended to participate and support debates on a wide range of issues.

UNISON Oxfordshire County Rep Claire Stanhope with elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn
UNISON Oxfordshire County Rep Claire Stanhope with elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

Government attack on public service pay ‘a disgrace’

The decade between 2010 and 2020 will be the worst decade of pay growth in almost a century. Average pay had fallen by 12% since 2010, totaling a real terms loss of £16,000, for public service workers that sum was more than £21,000.  “The government has stolen the clothes of the living wage and dressed themselves up as the saviours of the low paid.

Conference agreed measures to support activists:

  • encourage branches through the joint branch assessment to dedicate targeted resources to embed within branches plans to support activists;
  • recognise that some current systems of accreditation and training can act as a barrier, and work on new ways of tackling this;
  • encourage branches and regions to develop mentoring systems.

Conference vowed to support young members experiencing bullying and harassment

According to statistics gathered by the UNISON Scottish Young Members Committee three quarters of young members had experienced bullying and harassment at work – with 7% of those experiencing violence.

Union will fight government’s proposed ‘bill of rights’

UNISON delegates in Brighton today condemned the government’s intention to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a “British Bill of Rights”.

The conference motion states that, like the Trade Union Act, such legislation would represent “an ideological attack on our rights and freedoms. Workers’ rights and human rights are inseparable, we had to fight to win them, and now we must fight to defend them.

Branch Delegate Princess Harry (centre)

National Delegates Conference 2016 report – Peter Fryer

UNISON National Delegates Conference – Brighton 2016

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