About the Branch

What we do to support our membership…

  • We are here to protect, advise and support you
  • When something at work affects you, you are not alone, we are with you, we provide group and individual representation.
  • We are your collective voice, we raise your concerns with employers, with UNISON Regional and UNISON National Committees.
  • Represent you in your disciplinary hearings, grievance hearings and appeals.
  • Organise, build, campaign to fight against cuts to services, jobs, pay, terms and conditions.
  • Seek alternatives alongside you to reduce the risk of redundancy within your organisations
  • With your help deliver positive change to employers practice, policies/procedures.
  • Promote equality and inclusion in everything we do
  • Negotiate with and lobby your Councillors, MP’s, Employers
  • Provide training and mentoring to our UNISON Stewards and all our UNISON representatives
  • Build our union, recruit, organise, seek recognition agreements, raise UNISON’s profile within recognised employers
  • Promote our UNISON member learning and development

And so much more…the quickest way to contact your UNISON Branch is to email or call, please always leave your full name, membership number, workplace (for example, say what sector you work in, Private, Voluntary, Community, Local Government, district/parish Council, Care, School/Academy) and leave your email/phone number/contact information.

Email unison@oxfordshire.gov.uk or call 01865 815990.

What you can do…

Participate in your union, keep in touch, become a Workplace contact, a Steward, a Learning Rep or a Health and Safety Rep, get active in your Branch – we always need to know your views and what is going on in your workplaces.

Let us know any concerns you have. We need you to join alongside us and get active in your workplaces, you will receive great training and full support/mentoring from UNISON.

Email unison@oxfordshire.gov.uk or call 01865 815990.